After completing this families landscape at their previous home, Jennifer was once again contacted to restore the landscape at this lovely Lawerence Park heritage home.

When we arrived there was minimal landscaping, the soil was in poor condition and the property had grading issues. Our team re-designed the front walkway and garden beds in a french formal aesthetic and created usable play areas in the back landscape for their young boys.  The severe slope to the driveway was supported with a traditional stone masonry wall and the property was re-graded, with indigenous planting throughout the existing forest to reduce maintenance.



[We] had the privilege of working with Jennifer and her team on more than one occasion. She is very knowledgeable and affable to work with. Jennifer gives excellent advice while being very attentive to her client’s opinions and desires. The entire team is so professional and pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Sue and John 
Sue and John