After completing this couple’s landscape design for their home in Riverdale a few years earlier, this young couple reached out to Jennifer to re-design their backyard at their new build in Leaside.

The existing landscape featured a basic yet unusable deck and an old pavilion in the back corner. A new expanded deck layout was the priority with wide inviting steps for additional seating for their young children and their friends. The lawn area was expanded with a brick border to create some formality and the pavilion became a destination, complete with a yellow chandelier. Much needed privacy was added with an indigenous plant palette in the more difficult to grow areas, and a Japanese Maple with columnar beech closer to home.



I just wanted to write a few words to let you know once again how happy we are with the garden you have created for us. As you know we were thrilled with your design for our Riverdale garden back in 2007. Now in our new home we find ourselves equally delighted with your latest vision. You were able to blend perfectly both my husband and my ideas for our backyard. It’s a perfect retreat, play area and entertaining garden! Thank you Jennifer!

Maria and Jeremy Pound 
Maria and Jeremy Pound